The Beer Gets Frisky

Before the transfer.  See all that gunk in there?It was a big night for the Two Jews’ Brew! After (checks his calendar…) just shy of three weeks, we transferred the beer to secondary. For those without brewing experience, this means we siphoned the beer out of the carboy (the thing I’m always hugging in the pictures) and into a secondary fermentation vessel. This allows us to get rid of all the inactive yeast and sediment that has “fallen out” or settled to the bottom. More importantly, and the reason for my excitement, secondary is when you usually throw in your additives. That’s all the things that aren’t (strictly speaking) official beer ingredients, like your pumpkin spices, or raspberry puree, or in our case fresh brewed espresso. Yep, today the Two Jews Brews American Brown got its caffeinated freak on and entered adulthood as an Espresso Brown.

First off, thanks to Tony, Ben, and the rest of the knowledgeable and friendly folks at Foundation Grounds in Maplewood. What I know about coffee wouldn’t fill a Starbucks “short,” so those guys were a HUGE help. Take a look at the picture here. That’s not beer in those growlers, that’s one whole gallon of cold-brewed Bona Fide Espresso.  So we transfered the 4 gallons of beer into a secondary container and added in the coffee.  But not before we set aside one growler of the beer for comparison (so we can make adjustments in the future and have a better idea of what flavors are coming from the beer and what from the coffee).  So in a while (between 2-4 weeks, I think), we’ll bottle up what I hope will be the first of many batches of the 2JB Espresso Brown.  I can tell you that we tasted a little sample of the unfinished beer after adding the coffee, and that is why I have some wonderful feelings for the Foundation Grounds folks right now.  The flavors will definitely change as the beer “matures,” but what I tasted tonight sure seemed like a good start!  The sweetness of the beer and the bitterness of the coffee are well balanced, so if that profile is maintained as it ages, we’re going to be pretty proud of this one.  More to come later, but for now: Lila Tov!

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