Quick Update

Really?  Neither one of us has posted a follow up to the Biere de Geaux still?  It’s almost all gone, already!  We did suffer a hiccup or two with it, but overall, we were pretty happy about the brew.  “What kind of hiccups,” I hear you ask?  Well, for one, we over-primed the beer and ended up with some highly carbonated stuff.  The first one we opened gushed like a geyser.  And one day we suffered what I called a “four-fold catastrophic failure of pressure containment at the bottle-conditioning facility.”  In other words, four bottles exploded in my kitchen.  I got home from work and my whole house smelled like a coffee shop!  Oh yeah, and the next day a bottle of it actually exploded in my hand, so… that was nice.

“What about the beer itself,” I hear you asking now?  Oddly, we ended up with a couple infected bottles.  That was a little worrisome after the first bad one, but we found that it was only a few bottles.  Either a few somehow didn’t get sanitized right, or they got infected during the bottling.  And these bad bottles?  They sucked.  Somehow you couldn’t even taste coffee in them.  We’re talking about 3 ounces of espresso in each bottle, and I couldn’t even taste it!  But the untainted bottles?  Awesome.  We’ll be tweaking it (maybe 1 – 2 oz of espresso per bottle next time) next time around, but we really had fun with this one.

Lastly, speaking of beers that went well, we’ve got another beer ready to transfer to secondary.  It’s a repeat of a beer that went over well with a lot of our friends before the Jews got their own kit.  We’re planning on enjoying those bottles right around Andrew’s birthday.  Isn’t that right, Andrew?

Lila Tov, dear reader.  ‘Till the next batch…

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