The Jews Get Their Feet Wet

Forty days not in the desert, you might think of it.  Well here’s where it all gets started.  Andrew and I (that means this is Chip) have finally gotten ourselves a kit.  No more borrowed this and borrowed that, we own it all, it’s ours… OK, there is ONE borrowed item, but close enough.  We (Andrew) decided to make an event of it, and so we have invited our friends to come hang out and share good beers at Andrew’s place while we break in all this new gear.  On the plus side, it will be cool to have a brewing party.  On the negative, I anticipate a bit of performance anxiety.  People will be watching us work… as if we know what we’re doing!

OK, timid nature & kidding aside, I’m excited to see what happens and how it goes.  We’re going to be brewing a beer style I’ve been really excited to go after, and we’re going to be hanging out with some good folks.  We’ll do our best to make regular updates to the blog, which shouldn’t be hard.  We’re both IT geeks, and it didn’t take us long to find and set up the wordpress apps on our phones so we can post quick updates.  So follow along and see how things go on Stone Meyer’s Two Jews Brews inaugural brew.  We hope it is the first of many.


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Just Checking In

Looks like I can post from my own account.  Neat…  Now I should go to bed…

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